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February, 2017

Welcome to our Web-Ordering Website. We are located in Raleigh NC USA and we now offer some of our items for sale online.

To our online customers: Thank you for your support and comments of our online activities. We continue to have orders from around the USA as well as from Canada, Switzerland and Australia. We now have about 3000 bolts of fabric online.

The site has also benefitted our local customers by letting them know what fabrics have recently been added to our store.

We look forward to working with you; online and at the store.

We continue to offer our online customers 10%-off total purchase price -- and, for mailed-to-USA address orders: Free Shipping for orders over $150.00 USA (after the sale's price adjustment). We hope that this helps you decide to give our site a try, if you have not already done so, Thank you, in advance -- and: Happy Quilting!

Bernina World of Sewing has been in place for over 30 years offering fabric, classes and supplies aimed at quilters and for embroidery artists - as well as Bernina sewing machines. As a Bernina dealer, we offer support for our Bernina customers. Support includes Bernina machine mastering classes as well as machine service. We offer a complete line of Bernina machines for the quilter, embroidery artist, and general sewer. We also offer Bernina embroidery software for use on Bernina sewing machines.

This Website expands our store's fabric and non-sewing machine items to those of you who could benefit from ordering online.

Although this Web-ordering opportunity is only a selection of our available-in-store fabrics and patterns, we are keeping it up to date with incoming fabrics. Perhaps, those of you who are local to our store can use this site as a "quick peek" at incoming fabrics prior to coming by to see us "in person".

Naturally, if possible, we look forward to seeing you in our Raleigh store! However, for those situations where Web-ordering of our fabric and patterns make sense: Thank you, in advance, for using our Website; an eMail Order service for our customers.

If you have any questions, comments or wish to use eMail rather than our Web forms: We look forward to hearing from you! Send mail to: Webmaster for Bernina World of Sewing Online Sales

To visit the Bernina World of Sewing main Web site, go to:

News/Most-Recent Updates

Note Web-ordering for this site is on vacation until May 5, 2017. Orders that are submitted from now through May 4 will be saved/acknowledged -- but, not processed until after May 5. Thank you! and, Yes: We will enjoy our vacation!

    10% off fabric and, for mailed-to-USA address orders: Free Shipping for orders over $150.00 USA (after the sale's price adjustment).

    Discount will be confirmed when transaction is finalized.

    Happy Quilting!

If interested primarily in Batiks, go to: Our Batik WebPage

Fabrics Recently-added
to our Website:

Quilting Treasures:

  "Perfectly Vintage"

  "Lola Textures"

  "Quilting Illusions"

Windham Fabrics:


Kona Bay:
  "Exotic Weave"

  "Imagine "



Andover Fabrics:
 "Sun Print 2017" by Alison Glass

 "Stella Fabric"

 "Crab Shack"


makower uk:

Maywood Studio:
  "Woolie Flannel"

  "Kimbrell Basics"

P&B Textiles:
  "Color Weave"

  "Bear Essentials 3"

  "Cool Cats Essentials"

Elite (E.E. Schenck Co.):

E.E. Schenck Co.:
  "Bumbleberries" by Lewis & Irene

Brand Textiles:
  "Flutter & Float" by Ana Davis

  "Tutti Fruitti" by Maude Asbury

  "Urban Elementz Basix"

  "Urban Elements"


  "Connector Playmats 2"

  "Naturescapes - Northcott"

  "Hipster On The Go"

  "Colorworks Concepts"

  "Stonehenge" 108-Inch

  "Tranquil Tides"

  "Anything Goes"

Angles AGF:
  "Fiesta Fun"

Good Taste:
  "School Days"
  "What's Your Passion?"

Quilt Gate:
  "Neko III"

  "Poetry Prints"

  "45 Inch Dottie (2017)"

  "Grunge 108-inch - moda"

  "Regent Street Lawns 2016"

  "Rising Tide Batiks"

  "Aubade Song To The Dawn" by Janet Claire

  "Freedom Sweetwater"


  "Color Daze Batiks"

  "Dot Dot Dash"


  "Collections Nurture"

  "Dela Sol Batiks"


Blank Quilting:
  "Kitty Kitty"

  "Ready Set Glow! Halloween"

  "Honeystone Hill"

  "Cosmic Space"

  "Gotham" (2016)

  "Pearl Dot"



Henry Glass & Co.:
  "Nana Mae" (1930s)

  "Solid Fluffy Flannels"

  "Winter Garden"

  "Two By Two"

  "Heritage Hollow"

  "Berry Cobbler"

  "Good Morning Sunshine"

  "Steppin' Out"

  "Patio Splash"

  "New Traditions"

  "Life's a Beach"

  "Needles and Pins"
  "All American"
  "Oh Fudge!"
  "Bloom With A View"

  "Bakers Delight"
  "Jet Set"
  "That's Jazz"
  "Sew Easy"
  "Art Class"
  "Flight of Fancy"
  "Spring Parade"

  "The Great North"

  "Pumpkin Patch"

  "A Festive Season"

  "Living Lodge"

  "Kismet" by Paula Nadelstern

  "Blush" (2017)


  "Sewing Room"
(by Contempo)
  "Blush" (October 2016)

  "Garden Oasis Balis"

  "Chickadee & Berries"

(by Contempo)
  "Tie Dye II" Balis Batiks


  "New Wave"


  "Rock Garden" Balis Batiks

  "Santa's Here"

  "Homespun Holiday"
  "Frosty Forest"

Michael Miller:
  "Gingham Play"

  58-inch Polyester, Minky

  "Tweet Me"

  "Bitty Blooms"

  "Fairy Frost" (September 2016)

Hamil Textiles:

Penny Rose:
 "Paper Dolls On The Road

Eclectic Elements:
 "Dapper" by Tim Holtz

 "Wallflower" by Tim Holtz

Maywood, Freshwater Designs, Galaxy:
 Selected Java Batiks October 2016

American Made Brand Fabrics:

Fabri-Quilt Fabrics:
  "Italian Marble" 116-inch Wide Fabric

 "Zany Zoo"

 Selected Batiks June 2014

Marcus Fabrics:
 "Love & Glory"

Camelot Fabrics:



 "Black & Tan"



 "Ultimate Spider Man"

Robert Kaufman Fabrics:
  "Sand In My Shoes"

  "LaScalla 7"

  "Kalahari 6" Batik

  "Quilters Linen Metallic"

  February 2017 Batiks

  December 2016 Batiks

  "Fusions Meadow"

  "Spot On" (October 2016)

  "Enchanted Pines" (May 2016)

  "Enchanted Pines" by McKenna Ryan

  "Patina Handpaints 2 Batiks"

  "Selected Patina Handpaints November 2015"

  "Color Source 6" Batiks

  "Horton Hears A Who"

  "Coffee House"

  "Faithfully Yours"

  "Creature Comforts"

  "Santa's On His Way"

  "Lady Bug Blooms"

  "Have a Latte"


Needlecraft, Inc.:
  "College Prints"

  "Fab Trad Doub Face" Quilted

 Selected Batiks March 2017

 Bali Chops Batiks


 Selected Batiks July 2016

 Selected Holiday 2016 Fabrics

 Selected Fabrics May 2016

 Selected Batiks May 2016

 Selected Fabrics March 2016 Including: Style N4240 Challenge Fabric

 Selected Batiks March 2016

 Selected Fabrics October 2015

 Selected Batiks October 2015

 Selected Batiks August 2015

Paintbrush Studio:
  "Classique Stars"

In The Beginning:
  "Floragraphix Batiks 3" by Jason Yenter


  "Winter Elegance" by Jason Yenter


  "Butterfly Hollow"

  "Paradise" by Jason Yenter

Bali Fabrics, Inc.:
  Selected Princess Mirah Design Batiks February 2012

Rowan Fabrics:
Selected Spring, Fall and Classics - Rowan Fabrics and Free Spirit Fabrics
Kaffee Fassett
Brandon Mably
Phillip Jacobs

Selected Amy Butler Fabrics October 2015
  "Love" by Amy Butler
  "True Colors" by Amy Butler

  "Hapi" by Amy Butler

  "Fall 2015"

  "Spring 2015"

  "Kaffe Fassett Classics"

Print Concepts:
  Selected Fabrics - December 2011
 "Tribute 9-11"

Free Spirit:
  "Spring 2017"Kaffe Fassett Collective

  "Classics" by Kaffe Fassett

  "Pandas" by David Walker

  "Tabby Road" by Tula Pink

  More Selected Kaffe Fassett

  "Winter Walk" by Denyse Schmidt

  "Hello Love" by Heather Bailey

  "True Colors" by Tula Pink

  "Eden" by Tula Pink

  "Himalaya" by Snow Leopard Designs

  "Music Collection" by April Cornell

  "New Bedford" by Denise Schmidt

  "Jeans & Things" by David Walker

  "Happi Horses" by Dena Designs

  "Bright Heart" by Amy Butler

  "Byzantium" by Studio KM

  "True Colors" by Jeanean Morrison and Tula Pink

  "Soft Repose" by Shell Rummell

Island Batiks Inc.:
 March 2017

 January 2017

 December 2016

 Quilt! Carolina (2016)

 March 2016

 February 2016

 October 2015

 October 2014 (Rayon)

 March 2014

Riley Blake Designs:
  "Blackbeard's Pirates"

  "Flannel Shades"

  "Basic Shade"
  "Swiss Dots"

Lyndhurst Studio:
  "Emma" by Michele Scott

Anthology Fabrics:
Selected Batiks:
 May 2015

 April 2015

 November 2014

 October 2014

Timeless Treasures Fabrics:





  Selected Fabrics March 2017

  Selected Fabrics December 2016

  Selected Fabrics October 2016

  Selected Fabrics October 2014

  Selected Flannel Fabrics September 2014

  Selected Fabrics September 2014

RJR Fabrics:
  "Urban Artifacts"

  "SS Bluebird Collabortive Collection"

  "Over A Barrel" by Dan Morris

  "All Fired Up"

  "Corsica" by Jinny Beyer

Wilmington Prints:
  Selected Selected Batiks

  Selected Solids

  Selected Essentials Fabrics October 2016

Selected Fabrics:
  August 2012

Exclusively Quilters:

  "Christmas Morning"
  "Fall Reflections"

  "Sing The Blues"

  "Vintage Bicycles"

  "Mystic Topaz"

  "Night Owls"
  "Down On The Farm"
  "Vintage Tractors"

Red Rooster:
  "A Day On The Farm"

  "Basically Hugs"


  "Rainbow Zoo"

Batik Textiles:
 Batiks - March 2017

 Batiks - March 2016

 Batiks - February 2016

 Batiks - November 2015

 Batiks - February 2015

 Batiks - August 2014

 Batiks - September 2013

 Batiks - June 2013


Studio e:
  "Wash Day"

  "Culture Shock"

  "Small Talk"

  "Winter Essentials"
  "Winter Bliss"
  "Winter Lodge"
  "Dear Santa"
  "Autumn Abundance"
  "Cheeky Wee Pumpkins"

  "Barnacle Bay"

  "Small Talk" Panel
  "American Anthem"

  "Joyeux Noel"

  "Natural Wonders"

  "Peppered Plaids" by Pepper Cory
  "Peppered Stripes" by Pepper Cory
  "Peppered Checks" by Pepper Cory

Riverwoods Collection:
  "Every Living Thing" by Mary Fisher

Alexander Henry:
  Monkey Bizness
  Christmas Time
  In The Ocean

  Selected Fabrics March 2014

Selected Panels

Selected Older Fabrics

Bernina World of Sewing's Row by Row Experience 2014 - Pattern - License - Kit: Sorry - Sold Out!

Quilting Notions:

As per some of your requests, we are putting SOME Quilting Notions back online after some absence. Let us know if you are in need of anything specific and we will get back to you. At this time, we are featuring: "Wonder Clips From Clover".

  Wonder Clips From Clover
50 Count: $32.95

Embroidery Patterns:
United We Stand

On Sale Now: $60.00
(Was: $80.00)

A Selection of more Web-Orderable products are shown below.
For all available fabrics, go to: Web Fabric Ordering
Or, if interested primarily in Batiks, go to: Our Batik WebPage

Lyndhurst Studio:
  "Rock & Roses" by Beverly Ann Stillwell

  "Nature Studies"

  "Lavender Market 2"

  "Optical Illusions"

  "Topsy Turvy"

  "Stonehenge Monsters"


  "Stonehenge FLN Stars & Stripes" (Flannel)

  "Stonehenge Gradation"

  "Aspen Ridge"

  "Row By Row"


  "Stonehenge Earth Rythms"

  "Falling Leaves"

  "Monster Truck Madness"
  "Stonehenge Kids Soccer"
  "Alpine Getaway" (Flannel)

  "Flamingo Fling"

  "Elusive Catch"

  "The Cats Meow" by Bella Lu Studio

  "12 Days of Christmas" by Shelly Rasche

P&B Textiles:

  "Fall Bounty"

  "Silvi's Garden" by Sylvia Vassileva


  "What A World"

  "Gallery Fiorri"

  "Luxery Blenders"


Michael Miller:
  "Pop Top"
  "Glitz Bars"
  "Glitz Flower"
  "Glitz Garden"

  Selected Fall Fabrics June 2015

  "Fairy Frost" (April 2015)

  "Cotton Couture"

Ornate Crosses
Gazebo Stripe
Garden Mosaic
Garden Floral

 Selected Fabrics March 2012

 Selected Fabrics July, 2010
"TA Dot", "Bobby", "Bloomie", "Garden Strip", "Meandering Vines", "Dancing Flowers", "Pretty Bird"

 Selected Fabrics August, 2009
  "Messy Hands", "Fridge Art"

 "Tile Mosaic"

Robert Kaufman Fabrics:
  "Pointillist Palette 2"

  "This and That"


  "Cornucopia 4" Batiks

Free Spirit:
  "Happy Halloween"

  Selected Designs March 2015

  "Eclectic Elements"

  Solids March 2015

  "Star Landing" by Jeanean Morrison

  "Birch Farm" by Joel Dewberry

  "Merry Go Round"

  "Empire" by Parson Gray

  "Valentine Rose"by Tanya Whelan

  "Botinique" by Joel Dewberry

  "Sweet Lady Jane" by Jane Sassaman

Riley Blake Designs:

  "Happy Haunting"
  "Santa Express"
  "Halloween Magic"

  "Postcards For Santa"

  "Halle Rose"


 Selected Batiks July 2014

 Selected Batiks February 2014

 Hoffman Challenge 2014

 Selected Fabrics November 2013

 Selected Batiks November 2013

Quilting Treasures:
  "Animal Alpha Games"

  "Sew Fabulous"

 "Downton Abbey" (Celebration 2015)

 "Downton Abbey" (Christmas 2014)

 "Downton Abbey" (Egyptian 2014)

 "Downton Abbey" (November 2014)

 "Bare Branches" by Lonni Rossi

 "Raindrops" by Lonni Rossi

 "Downton Abbey"

For all available fabrics, go to: Web Fabric Ordering

Island Batiks Inc.:
 February 2014
 June 2013

 December 2012

 March 2012

 February 2012

 December 2011

 March 2011

 February 2010

Bali Fabrics, Inc.:
  Selected Princess Mirah Design Batiks August 2009

  Selected Princess Mirah Design Batiks July 2009

  "Simply Colorful II"

  "Chic Neutral"


  "Kindred Spirits"

  "Los Cabos Batiks"

  "Hi-De Ho"

  "Cold Spell Prints"

  "Cold Spell Batiks"



  "45 Inch Dottie"

  "Joyeux Noel"

  Selected Batiks April 2015

  "Block Party" by Sandy Gervais

  "The Sweet Life Batiks"

  "The Sweet Life Prints"

  "Aurora Batiks February 2015"




  "Because Of The Brave"

  "Funky Monkey" by Erin Michael

  "North Country Trail" Batiks

RJR Fabrics:
  "An Autumn Wind"

  "Bare Essentials"

  "French Quarter"


  "Fossil Fern" (Special Purchase)


  "Christmas Pure & Simple"

  "This 'n That"

  "Our Town" by Contempo

  "Dwellings" by Contempo

  "Cosmopolitan" by Contempo


  "Moon Shadows"

  "Jungle Club"

  "Michele's Texture"

  Selected Balis Batiks December 2012


  "Rustling Leaves"

  "Naturescapes Evolution"- Batiks

  "Ship Ahoy"

 Make Do and Mend
 Schoolhouse Fancies
 Baby Talk"

  "By The Sea"


Wilmington Prints:
  "Apple A Day"
  "Bear Mountain"


  "Nature's Song"

  Selections, March 2011
"The Daily Special"
"Cute as a Bug"
"Somebunny's Garden"

  "Perfect Paisley"


Rowan Fabrics:
  Selected Fabrics October 2014

  "Collective Fall 2014 by Kaffe Fassett

  "Collective Spring 2014 by Kaffe Fassett

 "Holly Light Snow"

  "Collected Fall 2013" by Kaffe Fassett

In The Beginning:
  "Abundance" by Jason Yenter

  "Floragraphix" Batiks by Jason Yenter

  "Shangri-La" by Jason Yenter

  "Autumn Harvest" by Jason Yenter

  "Not So Spooky Halloween" by Jennifer Heynen

  "Roo" by Wendy Slotbloom

  "Bloom Modern" by Jason Yenter



  "Splender II" by Jason Yenter

  "Painted Summer"


For all available fabrics, go to: Web Fabric Ordering

  "Hey Cupcakes!"

  "Fresh Batiks"

  "Witchful Thinking"
  "Detour Ahead"
  "Up And Away"

  "Guess How Much I Love You"

(65 Inches Wide)
  "Space Age"


  "African Savannah"


  "Fresh Eggs"


Henry Glass Co.:
  "Silly Gilly & Friends"

  "Cock A Doodle Do"

  "Sew What"

  "Holiday Cheer"

  "Harvest at Millbrook Farm"

  "Dead Man's Cove"

  "And Sew On"

  "American Beauty"

  "Heart Strings"

  "Cool Cats"

  "Anything Goes Basics"

  "Legend of Webb Hill"

  "Black White And Currant"

  "Sweet Land Of Liberty"

  "Sew Be It!"

Timeless Treasures Fabrics:
  Tonga Treats Batiks Fabric Packages

40 5"x5" Pieces
  Selected Holiday Fabric 2011


  "Tonga Batiks"

  Selected Debi Hron, April 2010

Baum Textile Mills:
  "Studio Collection"
Autism Awareness

Kona Bay:
  "Rain Forest"

  "Lair of the Dragon"

  "Lotus In Springtime"

  "Kona Bay Mist"

  "Tone It Up"

  "Color Movement"

  "Shadowland III"


  "Think Pink"

  "Mikoto II"

  "Passion Collection"


  "Serenity Collection"

  "Mikato Collection"

Windham Fabrics:


  "Hello Gorgeous"

  "American Heroes"

  "The Three Bears"

  "Sandy Shores"

  "Hanna Wallis CA 1840"

(These are some of the fabrics used in the 2010-2011 "Patriots in Petticoats" quilt).

Blank Quilting:
"All Hallows Eve"
"Poseidon's Playground"
"Backyard Buzz"
"Garden Critters"

 "Batter Up"
 "Fire Rescue II"
 "Froggin Around"

  "Y'All Be Merry"

  "Spooktacular Halloween"

  "Harvest Collage"


  "Beach Party"


  "Floral Dream"

Floral Dream
Laurel Hill
Sewing Machines

 Movers & Shakers
 Sew Fine

  Cafe Classico

  Selected "Sumatra" Batiks April 2013

  Selected "Sumatra" Batiks November 2012

  Selected August 2012 Fabrics

  Selected July 2012 Fabrics

  Sumatra Batiks February 2012

  Selected Fabrics - May 2012

  Selected Fabrics - February 2012


  Selected Fabrics - December 2011

  Selected Fabrics - February 2011

  Special Purchase, December 2010 $6.99/Yard

  "Winter Novelties III"
  "Christmas Candy Store"
  "Gothic Glam"

  "Shades Of Winter"

  "Law Library"
  "Luv My Handyman"
  "Tiny Dancer"
  "Man Cave"
  "All Stars"
  "On The Road Again"
  "The Graduate"


  "Love Is All Around"

  "That's Hollywood"
  "Safari Playground"
  "Extreme Sports II"
  "Tropic Rainforest"

  "Bible Study I&II"
  "Sunday School"
  "Ocean Ave"


Anthology Fabrics:
Selected Batiks:
 July 2013

 September 2012

 May 2012

 December 2011

  Selected Batiks January 2013

Batik Textiles:
 Batiks - December 2012

 Batiks - May 2012

 Batiks - March 2012

 More Batiks - October 2011

  Batiks - October 2011

Alexander Henry:
  "Christmas Time"
  "Happy Hannukah"
  "Lion of Judah"
  "Tiny Star of David"

Exclusively Quilters:
  "America The Beautiful"

Studio e:
  "Chalkboard Snowman"
  "Winter Essentials II"

  "Farm Friends"

  "Marinated Chicken"

  "Peppered Cottons" (FQ Bundles)

  "Cotton Candy"
  "Peppered Cottons" by Pepper Cory


  "Modern Age"

  "Wilderness Lodge"

  "Blessings III"

For all available fabrics, go to:
Web Fabric Ordering


Some Books:
  "Creative Tucks and Textures" by Jennie Rayment

  "Lunch Bags" by DESIGN Collective

  "make it sew modern" by Vanessa Christenson

  "Quilts in Sweden" by Kaffe Fassett

  "Strip Therapy 7" by Brenda Henning

  "Think Fast" by Swirly Girls Design

Some Kits

For all available fabrics, go to: Web Fabric Ordering

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